Hire My Services

My services are INR 6,000 or US$ 100 per man day. My man day is 6 hours. However, communication via email (and phone, if necessary) would be available 24/7. If work involves travel, travel time is counted but travel cost is NOT charged to you. For stay away from home, accommodation (at least of executive class) has to be provided by you. If the work needs less than a man day, rate is INR 1,500 or US$25 per hour.

I also arrange for virtual assistance through my associates and assistants. Responsibilities vary depending on job, however, I guarantee 24/7 communication by email.

Virtual Assistance

  • Technical (Programmer/ Architect/ Engineer/ Analyst etc): INR 4,500 or US$ 75 per man day.
  • Non-Technical (Administrative/ Clerical/ Accountant etc): INR 3,000 or US$ 50 per man day.
  • Unskilled worker (messenger, attendant, driver etc): INR 1,500 or US$ 25 per man day.

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Project Reference:

VA is charged minimum of a man day. Bulk rates available for long-term hire. Please contact describing your requirement.